Visits of various team to SS for learning purpose

It is always a learning opportunity for Sahakarmi when people from different country and context comes to Sahakarmi for learning process, so we always welcomes the team and individual .On that regards, UMN (United Mission to Nepal’s ) of Kathmandu team visited SS for learning process from 4-6 April 2018 including the members of senior program team. Their prime focus was to observe the practical approach of SS ,so they interact with the community group members of Dangisharan Rural municipality, Dang & SS field staffs.

Whereas this year, Sahakarmi Samaj and Asha Kiran Society Korapput, Odisha, India has entered in to learning partnership, as a team from Asha Kiran Society has arrived Nepal on 20 May 2018 for learning process. SS has provided orientation regarding SS and it’s process , arranged field visits to Jajarkot and conduct interaction with CBNO during their stay from 20th-25th May 2018.Major Observation of Team were SS training and research Centre, Group meeting with CODE facilitation, CBNO interaction in Jajarkot and Banke & SS working modality. As per the team member’s remarks, they found Community mobilization Process, Voluntarism of Staffs and CBNO members, Communication and networking model, Motivated People, Clear vision of every staffs, are some motivational factors that wants to replicate in their own working areas.

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