Sahakarmi Samaj is an organization committed to the capacity building of disadvantaged and marginalized people in Nepal. It believes that everybody has inner potential which can be developed, given an appropriate environment and support. It also maintains that this can only be achieved by reflecting people centered behaviour and attitudes. Therefore, SS has developed certain values to be used, for individual and organizational life, as the guiding principles of the organization. ‘Sahakarmies’ (general members, volunteers, staffs and executive committee members) are committed to reflecting the following values: 

  • Peace founded on justice: There should not be injustice in the community in the name of peace building. We Sahakarmis are committed to creating an appropriate environment for disadvantaged and marginalized people to build their capacity, to make them free from any kind of injustice, exploitation, oppression or pain. 
  • Interdependency - (recognizing that human wellbeing is a collective as well as a personal achievement): Any individuals or community cannot be self-dependent for everything. Skills, knowledge, experiences and any other resources that an individual may have should be shared. This kind of sharing will increase mutual co-operation and work efficiency i.e. interdependency. We emphasize the development of this interdependent relationship, in order to strengthen, the relationship among the community people, their respect for each other and the opportunities to ensure an optimal quality of life. 
  • Good governance: The governance process should be effective and strong to make any community and organization more effective. We are committed to developing, a more systematic method of working and, an appropriate level of responsiveness, accountability and transparency within our own organization and within those communities and organizations in which we are working. We should make them aware of an appropriate governance system and support them to develop good governance as a culture of the organization.
  • Belief in the inner potential of all: Every individual has inner potential that can be developed, given an appropriate environment. We are always committed to providing that type of support in order to bring out a person’s potential. 
  • Personal integrity: We believe in proper personal attitudes. Integrity brings efficiency in the work of an individual. We give a high priority to maintaining the economic, social and ethical discipline to take responsibility for oneself and to use available resources appropriately in performing our duty. 
  • Equality: We will treat individuals equally rather than discriminating against or treating them unfairly, based on their thoughts/beliefs, caste, gender, race, religion, culture or community. In particular, we are committed to ensuring we do not discriminate, on the basis of the above criteria, when providing any opportunities or distributing resources in disadvantaged and marginalized communities. 
  • Awareness of both rights and duties: An individual should have the fundamental right to live with dignity and respect. We are committed to developing a culture of utilizing your own right and performing your duties without the violation of others’ rights. Therefore we are committed to making disadvantaged and marginalized people aware of their fundamental rights and duties. We ourselves also need to be are aware of our rights and duties. 
  • Mutual respect among all people: We strive for mutual co-operation, by respecting each others’ thoughts, feelings and values, inspired by friendship and respectable behavior. We are committed to creating an appropriate environment of forgiveness, to learn from our own experiences and to support others to learn, by analyzing past weaknesses while performing our duties. 
  • Integrity of the natural environment: We are very sensitive to our natural resources, cultural assets and biodiversities. Our activities should not cause any destruction to our natural resources and cultural assets. We are committed to the protection, development and promotion of, our natural resources and the cultural values of specific local languages, cultures and customs.

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