Organizational Structure

The general assembly is the supreme body of Sahakarmi Samaj. Generally, it meets annually, as laid down by the constitution, however if there is an abnormal situation, there is a provision for conducting a special general assembly. During the annual general assembly, there is a review of the previous year’s activities, a discussion on current challenges and appropriate decisions are taken, plus the annual budget is approved. In addition, a mandate is given to the executive committee to implement the programme and organisational development activities. 

There are 58 general members, including 20 females. The general assembly selects the executive committee (EC) of 7 members, in accordance with its bi-laws. There are 2 founder members of Sahakarmi Samaj who are honorary members of the committee. The EC has to take policy level decisions and perform programme monitoring and evaluation activities. Generally, the EC meets together every 3/4 months but they may meet more regularly if the need arises.
The executive team is made up of 1 EC representative (chairperson or secretary) and 3 senior staff (executive director, programme development/monitoring co-ordinator and administration/finance management officer). Generally the executive team meets monthly to take decisions on programme planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, as well as organisational development. The executive team also assists the EC to develop, implement and manage new programmes as well as play the important role of human resource management and organisational development of Sahakarmi Samaj. The following diagram illustrates the organisational structure of SS:

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