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Sahakarmi Samaj (SS) in 1997 AD was formed to promote self-sustainability approach by facilitating the disadvantage and marginalized communities to be empowered by helping them being self reliable and inter-dependent. The whole initiation of SS is targeted to make their equal access in inclusive and well governed society. SS believes on collective action and hence as a consequence of its' interventions the targeted communities are focused on providing benefits through participation in Community Groups (CG) and networking organizations(MCs & CBNOs) formed by the initiation of SS. These groups and networking organizations is the forum for enabling marginalised people to advance their interests by engaging in collective action to increase access to resources and to influence local government planning processes, so that they could identify the better way to access local resources for their own sustainability. SS is being recognis...

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Message from the Director

Welcome to our website ! 

Sahakarmi Samaj is a participatory learning and development promoting centre and is committed toward capacitated marginalized communities' people for their sustainable change and transformation. It believes in an action and reflection process and in making the working methodology more specific, participatory and people-centered, based on its learning experiences. SS has been working in mid and Far-Western development region of Nepal since 1997 AD, providing support to the marginalized people for their critical awareness building including livelihood enhancement.  In addition to this, SS also focused on providing support for community governance and organizational (Community Groups, Main Committees, Community Based Networking Organization, GOs, NGOs and INGO...

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